Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marriage of Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

The linkages between the power of cloud computing and big data analytics is increasing becoming stronger. Without the storage capacity and the cheap computing power offered by cloud, it would be virtually impossible for many companies to enage in the business of analyzing large volumes of data. This New York Times article explores how Amazon's web server provides cloud services to companies across the globe changing conventional business models, and also traditional company structures and resource utilization. A Forbes article explores another side of cloud computing, the changing skill set needed to be successful when using cloud computing power. The two articles indicate close ties between cloud and analytics, and it is clear that this relationship is likely to grow even more tighter in the future.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Storing Data on DNA

Today I read two posts on how huge volumes of data can be stored outside of conventional devices likes computer chips, drives and discs. One option that a Wall Street Journal article discusses is DNA. A research report in the journal Science reports that the a group of Harvard researchers translated the English text of an up-coming book on genomic engineering into actual DNA. The article can be read here. Another article in Forbes examines the issue of data storage and suggest storing data in bacteria and diamonds. These ideas are in preliminary stages and commercial applications are likely to be a long way off, but one thing is certain - the explosive growth of digital data is driving the development of alternatives storage solutions.